Butterfly Garden at Dyken Pond Center

Girl Scout Troop 1148 from Brunswick created a butterfly garden at the Center during the  Summer 2011. Since then, we have become a designated Monarch Waystation. Monarch Waystations provide mildweed, nectar plants and shelter for monarchs throughout their annual cycle of reproduction and migration. Creating and maintaining Monarch Waystations contributes to monarch conservation and helps to assure the continuation of the monarch migration in North America.  Make sure to stop and see it on your next visit. It is located at the main field right at the parking lot. The girls also created a brochure on how to create your own butterfly garden at home. The brochure lists common native plants that will attract butterflies to your garden. For more information on monarch waystations, visit: http://www.monarchwatch.org

Click on the links below to see or download the brochure:

Butterfly Garden Brochure (page 1)

Butterfly Garden Brochure (page 2)

Monarch Fact Sheet

Monarch Moments