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The Friends of Dyken Pond are offering a Field Trip Scholarship Program 2017.  Scholarships are available to schools within Rensselaer County for field trip fees and bus transportation costs.

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Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): Adopted by 14 states already since their release in 2013, the NGSS is the result of a collaboration by a number of organizations including the National Research Council, National Science Teachers Association, the American Association for the Advancement of Science as well as education leaders from 26 states. These standards are based on research of the most effective way to teach science. They raise the quality of student learning through a focus on critical thinking and primary investigation. NGSS favors depth of understanding and application of content over quantity of knowledge gained. This instills within students a skillset that can then be applied to new content for more effective learning and comprehension. NGSS does not represent a curriculum but instead student performance expectations. This is where our programs align with the standards as we are not teaching students “about” science, but teaching them to “do” science. We are currently working on modifying our programs to ensure full alignment with the practices, disciplinary core ideas, and crosscutting concepts of NGSS. For NGSS targeted disciplines for any of our programs please contact the center.

Standards addressed by all Dyken Pond Environmental Education Center Programs:

  • Core Disciplines: Life Sciences, Earth & Space Sciences, and Engineering, Technology & Applications of Science (Click for a more detailed description.)

Fee:  $3 per student, minimum charge $20 per group. No charge for chaperones with school groups. Please contact the Center for more program details.

Contact Information:


Lisa Hoyt, Director

Dyken Pond Environmental Education Center

475 Dyken Pond Road

Cropseyville, New York 12052

(518) 658-2055

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