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Visit Dyken Pond Environmental Education Center and step into New York State’s fifth largest unfragmented forest. We have 33 distinct ecological communities to explore with diverse animals and plants to discover and learn about! Visit Dyken Pond and remember how you are connected to the natural world.

All of our programs are hands-on experiences that are student-driven to encourage a learning environment that is fun, creative and inquiry based. Our environmental education programs are science based, follow Next Generation Science Standards and New York State Learning Standards and cover a wide range of topics. We partner with Cornell Cooperative Extension and use many of their research-based science curricula.

The educators at Dyken Pond Center teach in all sorts of conditions – from classrooms to bogs, snowy forests to muddy hillsides. In both the physical and experiential sense, we are adept at meeting the learner “where they are”, and building understanding from there.

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Fee: $3 per student, minimum charge $25 per group. No charge for chaperones with school groups. Please contact the Center for more program details.

The Friends of Dyken Pond are offering a Field Trip Scholarship Program. Scholarships are available to schools within Rensselaer County for field trip fees and bus transportation costs.

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Standards addressed by all Dyken Pond Environmental Education Center Programs:

  • Core Disciplines: Life Sciences, Earth & Space Sciences, and Engineering, Technology & Applications of Science (Click for a more detailed description of Next Gen Science Standards.)

Contact Information:

Lisa Hoyt, Director

Dyken Pond Environmental Education Center

475 Dyken Pond Road

Cropseyville, New York 12052

(518) 658-2055

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