Reservations are highly encouraged at least one day in advance by phone or email to ensure boat and staff availability.  Boat rentals must be paid for with exact amount. No change will be given. No credit cards. Staff will not be able to assist renters in or out of boats, so renters must have the ability to enter and exit boats on their own.

Canoe and kayak rentals are offered  for enjoyment of the lake.  Rentals are $10 per boat for 90 minutes or $20 per boat for 3 hours. Each person renting a kayak must be minimum 12 years old and 220 pounds maximum. Exact change required.  Rentals can be made from 9am until 3:30 pm with a last rental at 2 pm. Staff may not always be present, so be sure to call or email ahead one day in advance to reserve your boat rental.

Youth must be at least 12 years old to paddle either a kayak or canoe. Youth over 50 pounds may sit in the middle of a canoe with two adult paddlers.

Dyken Pond Environmental Education Center is the only public access onto Dyken Pond. Non-gasoline motor and electric motor boats are allowed onto Dyken Pond through our public access. The launch is accessible by car to unload gear, but vehicles must be parked at the main parking lot. Portaging may be necessary at certain times.  The gate to the boat launch is locked at night and is unlocked during daylight hours. The gate is open generally from 9 am until 7pm.

To reserve boats: 518 658-2055 or