The One-Eyed Newt

I saw this one- eyed newt on the trail. Will it be OK?

The short answer is we don’t know. Newts possess an unmatched ability to regenerate parts of lost limbs and organs. They can regenerate amputated limbs, tails and parts of organs including the brain, heart and lungs. Newts can also regenerate an eye as long as enough of the eye is still present. This newt may be growing a new eye or it may have to rely on its bright coloring for defense against predators in the future. Newts mainly need this bright coloring when they are out in the open on wet days. The remainder of their time they live under the leaf litter invisible to predators and relying on senses other than vision to find tiny insects to eat in the dark. With a bit of luck coupled with the newt’s amazing adaptations it will hopefully be just fine with either one eye or two!